Scottish DRS Delayed

The Scottish First Minister, Humza Yousaf, has announced a delay to the start of the Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) in Scotland. The Deposit Return Scheme will now commence on the 1st March 2024.

In his speech to the Scottish Parliament on the 18th April 2023, Humza Yousaf said he remained committed to the DRS scheme as a way to increase recycling, reduce litter and achieve net zero ambitions.

He pointed to uncertainty around the exclusion of the scheme in the UK Government’s Internal Market Act which could limit the Scottish Government’s power in resources and waste, the devolved matter in which DRS sits.

Measures will be put in place to simplify and de-risk the scheme and to provide support for small businesses and hospitality.

The First Minister said further details on this package of measures aimed to assist the commencement of the Scottish DRS Scheme will be provided in the coming weeks.

There are a few useful links that can help you understand the reason for this change, as well as help you understand the Scottish Deposit Return Scheme itself:

- Zerowaste Scotland: Deposit Return Scheme

- The First Minister's statement release on the Scottish Government website

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