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Wales under pressure to exclude glass from DRS

Producers in Wales, supported by industry association British Glass, are calling on the Welsh Government to reconsider its decision to include glass in the forthcoming Deposit Return Scheme (DRS), citing concerns over operational challenges and the potential negative impact on the glass packaging industry.

The Welsh Government has expressed its intention to implement a DRS scheme, aiming to improve recycling rates and reduce litter across the country. However, industry stakeholders, including British Glass, argue that including glass containers within the scheme will create logistical complexities and financial burdens for producers.

British Glass, representing the interests of the glass packaging industry, shares the concerns raised by producers. The association emphasises the importance of sustainable packaging solutions but asserts that the inclusion of glass in the DRS could have unintended consequences. They argue that the separate collection and handling of glass bottles would require substantial investments in infrastructure, posing significant challenges to both producers and the glass manufacturing sector.

Producers, supported by British Glass, contend that the inclusion of glass in the DRS would lead to increased costs for producers and potentially higher prices for consumers. They argue that the additional infrastructure required for glass collection, such as storage facilities and transportation systems, would create financial burdens that could impact the competitiveness of glass packaging in the market.

In a joint statement, industry representatives, including British Glass, expressed their commitment to environmental sustainability and urged the Welsh Government to reconsider the inclusion of glass in the DRS.

They proposed exploring alternative measures that would enhance existing recycling systems and invest in advanced technologies specific to glass packaging.

Recognising the concerns raised by producers and industry associations, the Welsh Government has emphasized its commitment to engaging in constructive dialogue. A spokesperson stated, "We value the input of producers and organizations like British Glass. We are actively working with stakeholders to ensure a thorough assessment of the potential impacts and benefits of including glass in the DRS. Our goal is to develop a scheme that strikes a balance between environmental objectives and industry viability."

The Welsh Government continues to invite producers, environmental organizations, and stakeholders, including British Glass, to participate in ongoing consultations to address concerns and shape the final design of the DRS. By fostering collaboration, the government aims to develop an effective and inclusive scheme that achieves ambitious recycling targets while safeguarding the interests of the glass packaging industry and consumers in Wales.

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