Amy Meek of Kids Against Plastic Speaks at WEEE Conference

Here at Wastepack we are proud to support the child-led charity Kids Against Plastic and we were honoured to watch Amy Meek, Co-Founder, take the stand to speak at the WEEE Conference on 25th September.

Amy gave a youth perspective on current issues surrounding the sector, her powerful address encouraged the representatives in the room to do their bit, reminding us all that if we take small steps individually, we can tackle big issues together.

She highlighted the successes of their Plastic Clever School campaign, now with over 500 schools as signatories, and went on to talk about the Plastic Clever Business initiative urging delegates to sign up to the scheme to encourage sustainability within their workplaces.

Amy explained the ‘Plastic Clever Mindset’ as a way of thinking as much as anything else. It’s about being cleverer with our plastic use; a material that has been made to literally last forever, and yet it’s used every day in millions of single-use plastic products that have a 5 – 10 minute lifespan before being thrown away.

To find out more about becoming a Plastic Clever Business please contact Daisy at



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