Electrolink Hosts Webinar on ‘Open Scope’

Electrolink hosted a webinar to address recent changes to WEEE regulations and to help ensure producers are aware of developments and can remain compliant for the year ahead.

The webinar titled, ‘Are you in or out?’ was presented by Paul Van Danzig, Policy Director of the Wastepack Group, in February, where he provided an overview of ‘Open Scope’ and the impact these changes could have on businesses.

From Q1 2019, all B2C domestic luminaires including light fittings and switches are now in scope and must be recorded in producer’s data returns on a quarterly basis. Waste obligators are also expected to foot the recycling bill for a proportion that they place on the market. However, Paul urged that EEE producers must document their wares under the correct lighting categories or risk incurring further costs for business.

He commented:

“It is vital that companies get their products categorised properly. Each category has a different cost so producers could get the wrong levy if they’re not registered correctly!”

Another topic raised in the webinar were the changes to ‘Dual Use.’ Last year, all dual use items, including laptops, fell into both B2B and B2C categories, but amendments to current legislation stipulate these products now fall under the B2C remit.

In addition to this, non-electrical accessories supplied with electronic equipment no longer need to be documented, as Paul explained: “Non-electrical accessories don’t need to be recorded in your data return anymore, unless it is essential to the correct working of the product. For example, the plastic case that a drill came in would not be in scope, whereas a television stand or a glass shelf in a fridge would need to be included because these products couldn’t operate without them.”

Concluding the webinar, Paul called for all WEEE producers to review their products in line with Open Scope as their reporting requirements could change, due to items that were previously exempt from current regulations. “WEEE producers will have no financing obligation until 2020,” he said. “This is because they are based on products placed on the market in the previous year, which means from Q1 2019, everything must be reported.”

He added: “Anyone who is unsure or has any questions regarding Open Scope, can contact one of our compliance team today on help@electrolink.eu.com or call 01279 620000.”

More details are also available on the government guidance.

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