Group Update – Working With Forest Hall School

We're collaborating with our local school, Forest Hall, to help educate and improve students’ recycling behaviours.

On 28th November, Janice Frost, Martyn Parfitt and Daisy Malyon spent an afternoon working with the student’s Eco Team to complete a Waste Audit on a sample of waste and recycling bins from each department of the school.

Overall, the findings showed a much higher contamination rate in certain areas of the school compared to others, according to Janice, Compliance Project Lead at Wastepack. “The results showed us how effectively the students are recycling in each department and where improvements can be made going forward.

“The Eco Team are going to be carrying out further research on recycling and creating informative posters to be displayed nearby the bins to educate the students on what should go in the recycling bin to hopefully increase recycling and lower the contamination rate.”

The Waste Audit is part of a larger project that Wastepack will be launching in the New Year with Forest Hall School.

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