Simpler Recycling

Defra announces Simpler Recycling update

Recycling minister, Robbie Moore, has revealed a new "common-sense approach" to recycling. This approach is designed to simplify bin collections and boost recycling rates across England.
The new initiative aims to standardise material collections from homes, workplaces and schools, addressing what Mr Moore has referred to as a "confusing patchwork" of varied methods across the country.

After consulting with local councils, the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) has decided to implement a unified system. Councils will now be allowed to collect plastic, metal, glass, paper, and cardboard in a single bin. Additionally, food and garden waste can be collected together.


This approach is intended to “reduce confusion” about recyclable materials, creating a consistent process nationwide rather than one that varies by council. It also aims to simplify operations for councils and waste collectors, allowing them to retain the flexibility to manage recyclable waste in ways that best suit their local areas.

Defra also supports more frequent and comprehensive bin collections, with a minimum requirement for councils to collect general waste at least fortnightly and food waste weekly.


Paul Vanston, CEO of the Industry Council for Packaging and the Environment (INCPEN), welcomed the announcement, saying: “This assures citizens that local councils will swiftly implement recycling collections that match on-pack recycling labels. Those funding local packaging recycling services, including citizens, brands, and retailers, can expect high standards of customer service, recycling performance, and value-for-money nationwide.”

These new regulations will apply to all homes in England, including flats, as well as non-household municipal premises such as businesses, hospitals, schools, universities, places of worship, penal institutions, charity shops, hostels and public meeting places.

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