EPR Implementation Delayed

EPR Implementation Delayed

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) have announced that the phased implementation of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for Packaging due from 2023 is delayed.

Under the original timeline first published in the Resources and Waste Strategy, EPR was expected to be phased in from 2023. While 2023 was due to be a transitional year, many expressed concerns over the timeline not allowing sufficient time for businesses to prepare for new data reporting requirements.

Plans for EPR are still in motion and while no date indication has been given, a new timeline is expected. In the meantime, Defra have confirmed the current Packaging Waste Regulations and PRN system will remain throughout 2023. Defra stated that a statutory instrument will be introduced to set recycling targets for 2023.

Consultation Response

Despite being expected at the end of 2021, the Government’s consultation responses remain delayed. The responses are said to be going through the final approval with Defra stating they are “working hard to get it finalised and published as soon as we can”.

We will continue to monitor developments and keep members informed – if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

What is EPR for packaging?

EPR is a policy tool which requires producers to be responsible for the full net cost recovery of packaging they place on the UK market. The UK Government first announced their intention to introduce EPR for packaging in the Resources and Waste Strategy published in 2018.

The new EPR system will replace the current Packaging Waste Regulations and it is expected that the data reporting requirements will be more demanding, with greater granularity of data required. There are also proposals of a modulated fee structure to offer financial incentive to encourage sustainable packaging design to reduce EPR costs.

Find out more about how EPR might affect your business here.

Wastepack can help!

While the full details including the methodology and framework producers will be required to follow under EPR are not yet fully known, we would advise you to start preparing where possible to ensure your business is ready for the impacts of the EPR reform. Our team are here to help members every step of the way, get in touch today.

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