Wastepack Announce Partnership with Kids Against Plastic Charity

Wastepack have achieved Plastic Clever status! Since our pledge to become more Plastic Clever we’ve officially joined forces with Kids Against Plastic and are delighted to announce our partnership with the charity founded by Amy and Ella Meek (aged 15 and 13).

Amy and Ella were studying the UN’s Global Goals when they learnt about the negative effects single-use plastic is having on the environment, following this realisation they decided they wanted to do something and went on to launch Kids Against Plastic.

Kids Against Plastic have three main aims; to raise awareness and understanding of the problems caused by plastic misuse; encourage and support others to become ‘Plastic Clever’ and reduce single-use plastics; and finally, to empower children and young people to believe they can make a difference. They are achieving these aims through education and action. As part of their action to encourage more people to become ‘Plastic Clever’, they have initiated two campaigns, one aimed at schools and the other businesses.

Wastepack is working alongside Kid Against Plastic to manage the Plastic Clever Business initiative. Amy and Ella said:

“We are thrilled to be working with Wastepack on the Plastic Clever Business scheme. With plastic waste developing at an increasing rate, and with a climate emergency rapidly developing, it’s more important now than ever that businesses do their bit to be more environmentally conscious and reduce their plastic usage.”

Through Plastic Clever Businesses, we aim to encourage companies and their employees to use less plastic (both in the workplace and externally) through simple steps to reduce the most unnecessary single-use items, and encourage the use of reusable items instead.

Amy and Ella added “With their knowledge and expertise in the field of waste compliance and business, Wastepack have helped us to develop the scheme to be more suited to business, and we want to thank them for their partnership with Kids Against Plastic, and hope that many more businesses will sign up to the Plastic Clever scheme in the near future.”

Wastepack's CEO Lynne Cullis said:

“We are delighted to be working with Amy and Ella on this project. Kids Against Plastic’s vision and determination to raise awareness and encourage change is inspiring. It’s wonderful to see the next generation working tirelessly across the entire waste and resource spectrum to influence attitudes towards plastic misuse and ensure that the future is sustainable for everyone”.

For more information on Plastic Clever or to register your interest email plasticclever@KAP.wastepack.co.uk


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